Monday, March 2, 2009

New Dice

1. A story is based on song lyrics. A writer may only use one song per band and the story itself must contain the lyrics be it individually (each word scattered throughout) or as a whole.

2. A story must have a happy ending. That means happy as in positive, not "the killer murders everyone therefore he's happy" ending.

3. Rant. A story about nothing in particular (continued from the first season).

4. "What's Penny up to?" The entry itself will be about an ancillary character and their perspective, be it Penny, Kat, the lady at the coffee house etc. Since it would be difficult to represent in print, the idea would be to have an introduction of the characters, where they are, etc etc (whatever you wish) have them roll a 4, transition to the new character, then come back when they're done.

5. A story must be inspired by a picture. A nice touch would be to actually post the picture either in the blog or in the comments section

6. A story must hold an element that is strange but true, a concept that can be defined as "stranger than fiction."