Saturday, September 6, 2008

And Another Makes Five

"Jesus Christ, can we start walking yet?" Gordan asked.

A young woman strolled up to them quietly, wearing a skirt that was a little inappropriet for a college campus, and a cut-up orange t-shirt that was tight in all the right places. She slowly exhaled a drag from her cigarette.

"Not quite yet, sugar." the ebony skinned girl said, as she took a seat next to the group on a nearby bench.

"You must be our fifth, I take it?" Joe asked, studying her calmly, along with the rest of the group.

"Name's Casey Merriweather, and yeah, I wanted to tag along. Thought it'd be fun." she said, as she flicked her cigarette aside.

"Well, I assume you know the rules, wanna give it a quick go before we head off?", Joe asked. "Yeah, I suppose I can do that. Hotter than fuck here though, hope we're goin' somewhere cooler 'cause I'm dyin' here." she said.

"Oh, I'll take you somewhere real nice, love." Gordon proclaimed, as he tosses the die to Casey.

"Sorry, bland food and Guy Ritche movies aren't quite my thing, brit boy." she said, as she catches the die. Gordon sneers at her, as Parker and Mali snicker to themselves. "Here goes.." Casey mutters as she gently tosses the die to the sidewalk. It tumbles for a few seconds, then settles, with a four facing up. Casey ponders for a second, then a grin comes across her face. "OK, I got somethin'," she says, as she lights another cigarette and crosses her legs.

Awhile back, I had this tiny kitten, see? Best friend a girl could ever have.My grandfather gave him to me for my 9th brithday, right before he passed. He was jet black, with bright white paws and a tiny pink nose. I decided to name him Mr. Buttons, 'cause you know, I was fuckin' nine. Anyway, every morning before school, he was right there next to me in bed, wide awake, licking away at me, ready for another day of playing and getting into things. He followed me around everywhere I went in our apartment, be it the bathroom, the kitchen,all the time wanting my affection and attention.

He even did this as he got older. Anytime I brought a new guy, or someonelse, home, he was right there at the foot of my bed, looking almost jealous. No matter how pissed he got at me though, he was still right there next to me in the morning, happy as could be.

One day I was walking home from school, really pissed off,'cause well, I was in hihg school, so of course I was pissed. I remember being so pissed, but I started calming down as I got closer to our building, 'cause I knew Mr. Buttons was gonna be right there at the door, waiting to jump at me. I opened the door, but he wasn't there. I searched and searched, but couldn't for the life of me find him anywhere. I found my mother in her room, sobbing to herself, and I instantly knew what was wrong. I broke down, right fuckin' there. I was competely inconsolable. My mother told me that she stepped out to get the papaer, and he darted out, right underneath my brother Dre's car. We buried him in a small pet cemetary in our city the next day. I never forgave my brother, I mean, how could I? He took away the only good thing I had during my growing up.

Then a few months later, Dre' was killed in a drive-by while he was on our porch. He had done nothing wrong, 'cept for bein' at the wrong place, and the wrong time. I still kick myself sometimes for never forgiving him for killing Mr.Buttons. I mean, I know it wasn;t his fault, he would have never done something like that on pourpose, but I could just never let it fucking go. We barley spoke during his last months, and I still carry that shit with me.

"And that's that, I suppose." she says, staring somewhat blankly into the muggy dusk sky.

"Ya know, you bloke are some of the most somber cunts I have ever fuckin' met. I mean really!" Gordon exclaims. "I mean, I'm sorry about your dearly departed cat and all, but for fuck sakes! can we lighten up a bit?"

"Well, you haven't told a story yet, mate." Parker says, tossing the die towards Gordon.

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