Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Have I Told Ya'?

I just don't know anymore. These endless hills of blah blah georgous amber waves are wearing thin on me. Like I said before, I miss the damn rain. I miss frequent storms and showers, the bangs and crashes of a lightning overload. It almost adds a sort of adrenaline to life.

This, this is not life. This is drudging. This is dragging your feet and burning your shoulders. This is nonsense.

Call me out of spirit, call me what you want, but it's hard to be a human in these places. I have never felt so lonesome in such an eclectic group of people. Typically, I feel like home in situations like this. Normal, you know? Not anymore. I'm picking the sand from my teeth everytime I talk or smoke a cigarette. I miss what this 'adventure' was like three weeks ago.

You know, it's awesome that we just won all of that money but weren't we doing pretty alright before that even came into play? I almost wish we didn't go for it. Kind of. The extra loot aids in certain simple pleasures but at the same time, what happened to the art of the starving artist? I think the most creative ideas are born out of strife.

and desolate.

Now every time I go to write I feel like I am sleepwalking through the lines, trying to muster the best IDEA I can come up with. Idea? Shouldn't I just be inspired? All you chaps have to talk about now is this AWESOME 800 dollars is that we were blessed with.

I know in this day and age it's a necessity....
but come on guys, don't let this cash replace our creativity.

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