Wednesday, November 5, 2008


With fists flaying and blood flying, Gordon and Parker duked it out like a gang rumble in times of old. Before anybody even noticed, the two were already rolling around the parking lot raging toward one another with no inhibition in mind.

"What the fuck, Gordon, what the fuck!"

Mali and Casey turned around at the sound of swears emerging from Parker's mouth and for the first time witnessed pure, bitter rage emitting from two members of their group.

Joe rushed over in attempt to pull the two apart however with the flail of the fist from an unidentified party, his attempt was deflected. Mali, Casey, and Joe watched in fear and disgust at the two beating each other to a pulp.

"They'll tire out soon," said Joe, "don't worry, gals."

Low and behold, heaving breaths escaped the mouths of both foul fisted males and Joe was the first to initiate the reconciliation process.

"Let me tell you a story about some advice I received from a dear friend. It was a hazy day, a day after a wide spread time of hard drugs and mixed perceptions. My brain was not in my head, nor my soul at that point with my body. He told me, though, that if I want something or in this case, somebody, that I should fucking go for it. And you know what? It's one of the most truthful statements that I think that I've ever heard. But, in the same token, it is much easier said than done."

"What's your fucking point?" said Parker.

"My fucking point is, Parker, that all Gordon was trying to do was help you out. He wasn't trying to make you sound like a crazy ass buffoon. He knows you like the gal and you wouldn't have enough scrote to go for it yourself. Consider it a gift from a friend, if you must."

"Uhm... actually I...."

"Shut up, Gordon," Joe interrupted, "Don't ruin this for yourself."

"Shutting up."

"Anyway, Parker, don't let this eat at you. This, my friend, is your golden opportunity. So fucking take it."

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