Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And then there were none

As the hunt for Gordon continued, Joe was unaware of the fact that two more members departed, albeit temporarily. His focus was entirely on Casey, who had yet to emit words directly towards him, a fact he took issue with but had no knowledge of how to address directly, that is without sounding like an asshole. He pondered how to broach the subject when a shout occurred from Kat, who forged ahead rather than flounder in the inadequacy that pervaded her thoughts. Her cry snapped Joe back to attention in time to see a vehicle that was making a line toward himself and Casey.

Rather than grab Casey and evade the vehicle, Joe embraced the change that was about to occur. The vehicle struck him, and as his body rolled across the hood, Joe realized that this was just another escape; another attempt by him to evade the issue, to evade life rather than face it and progress. The pain he had always pined for, the misery he wanted in order to spawn creativity was nothing more than an outlet, a focal point for the frustrations of his stagnation. He needed to move on, to grow up and seek new heights through new avenues. Dying wouldn't accomplish that.

The driver halted, a reaction that firmly placed Joe's body on the asphalt, a sound Kat would later make analogous to unloading meat. Casey returned to his side, held him up in an unintentionally dramatic pose and spoke, though the words were not what Joe expected:

"What the fuck is wrong with you? Stop being a damn fool."

"It's cool, if I die, I have an heir apparent right?"

"...........no Joe, you don't."

Neither were aware that the driver fled the scene or had taken notice to the vehicles that followed, vehicles that carried authority and most certainly, sirens.

Kat attempted to warn the officers who had taken to foot as well, that is until she recognized one.

"Young lady, your mother has been worried sick about you."

"Yes Dale, I'm well aware, phones have silence for a reason."

"I'm tired of your disrespect, now get in the car so I can bring you back home, you're not an adult yet."

"I'm well aware of that fact, but adulthood isn't far away. Then I can embrace the change I've pined for."

"Sure, sure, you turn 18 and I guess we have no choice but to allow you to go all over hell's half acre, but that day isn't today, now get in the car while my boys take a statement and get that thievin' sonofabitch."

Kat complied, and stepped into the passenger seat despondently, hoping her departure would go unnoticed. She didn't want to inconvenience them anymore.

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