Monday, January 5, 2009


Joe, Mali, Parker and Kat wandered the street in search of their missing fifth.

"Where do you think we should look?" Mali inquired. She followed her question by lighting up a second cigarette procured from Joe, much to Parker's chagrin.

"I wish you wouldn't do that Mali."

Mali ignored him again, instead turning her attention to the rest. "Not sure. I'd say a safe bet would be anyplace where tail can be chased, which by the looks of things is few and far between, no offense Kat."

"None taken."

"Honestly, first chance we get we should get the fuck out of this state, I feel useless just being here. How does that ring you Mr. Joe?"

"Fine by me Mali, we have plenty of directions to take, so we can come to some kind of conclusion as soon as we are properly gathered."

As they walked down the street, they carried the appearance of a street gang, an image that did not please the locals. Joe used the observation to his advantage, knowing full well a patron that gave him a shitty grin would hardly be fond of a foreigner, no matter how patriotic.

The sky glowed from the setting sun, one of the first steps of the night's initiation. The dusk also carried with it a meaning unique to the travelers.

"Who's up?"

"I suppose I'll go."

Mali hesitated for a second, uncertain of what she wanted to speak of, and opted instead to simply do that: speak.

"I know I don't speak often, but a lot of that stems from this nature of mine to say things without fully realizing the implications. When I was a child I was punished often for speaking amongst the adults, saying things they didn't like or appreciate. I engrossed myself in the internet, becoming a recluse. For hours, i would peruse the internet, oftentimes exploring the most deviant and offensive depths the web provided. For awhile, those things interested me. I spend a lot of time experimenting in high school in things to just be different. Deviant. Unorthodox. Different. There was a time, where, given the opportunity, I would have taken on any challenge before me, and I did. I'd done some things I'm not proud of, and I'm sure those present wouldn't care to hear, but you know, it made me who I am. Now, I think I have a better understanding of the world around me. I feel like I can take things in greater stride, for the most part. Now I simply want to enjoy life and experience what the world has to offer me: instead of seeking out the pleasure, I'll let serendipity do the work. That's how I came to join you guys in the first place."

"Oh Mali, I'm so happy to hear you talk like that. I forgive you for your past misdeeds, that's what God would want. i don't mind that you refer to God as serendipity either, he has many faces and many names, but its all Jesus Christ."

Parker attempted to hug Mali, that is until he had taken notice to her expression which had turned from thoughtful to hostile at the speed of his religious-laden message.

"Look Parker, I know you like me. I do. Gordon told me back at Burning Man, but I didn't want to address the issue. i know how you get, but this is more than enough. it's not going to happen. You are much to much to much for me and I can't tolerate anymore of your holier than thou shenanigans. You even spoke earlier about this girl of your dreams, this girl you had sex with, that you loved and all that, what the fuck was that? A lie? Where you bullshitting just to fit in or did you just get lost in some fit of hormones that you arbitrarily decided to label "God's will?" Do you mind explaining yourself?"

Parker, distraught at the rather abrupt confrontation appeared flustered and his response matched.

"But I don't want to be a father!"

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