Monday, October 20, 2008


Gordon breathed in the night air, absorbing the combination of sweat, dust, tequila, marijuana and urine. To him, Burning man was a wealth of opportunity, and with love being in the air, the Brit had lust on his mind. It didn't help that a fleet of topless women road past.

"Hey Parker, tell your God, thank you, then ask forgiveness for what I'm about to do."

Parker shrugged off the bordering on blasphemous words, more concerned with how he would approach his new found infatuation.

"Hey Mali, could you tell me more about this Burning Man. I'm wondering why so many people are naked. There's lots of pretty lights an stuff though."

"Sure. Why don't we go check out that giant thing over there. It looks like a chandelier that would belong to Atlas. Reminds me of a story I've been working on."

"Please tell it to me, I want to hear it." Parker pleaded with her, giving her his best impression of puppy eyes. Mali waved off her curiosity, and chose to believe that she was over analyzing Parker's new found friendliness.

Joe, on the other hand, was having trouble not displaying his inner turmoil. The incident with Casey left him uncertain of his own feelings. Thankfully Casey was aware and invited him to watch the fire dancers. Before dragging him away, Casey made it a point to inform the rest that they would meet at the limo at night's end. Jaime wasn't exactly prepared for the scenario and the camping equipment he had his publicist order wouldn't arrive until the following evening.

"Well, alright Parker, it's not done yet, but I'll tell you what I've got."

Makkari was a lonely man. He lived day after day with nothing to show. He worked a job where he received no credit and did a majority of the work. He had no immediate family, no friends to speak of and a love life that would be laughable to most. At work he would dispense advice, be an aid when needed and contribute whenever he could. He followed the rules and never so much as picked a penny up. He lived by the philosophy that he would eventually get paid in full. And that day came.

While walking home, an elderly woman fell and as he assisted in lifting her to her feet, she shot a glance up to him and smiled a wide cheshire grin. She then grabbed her chin, ripping her skin off like a sheath to reveal a goddess within. "You have spent your life in service of others and I sense you want repayment. I will grant you one wish, though you must be wise in choice." Makkari had always known what he wanted, but the wording escaped him. "I've always wanted to be a part of something. My entire life I've spent separate from the world, on my own. I want to be important, I want to feel accepted."

"Your wish is done."

In an instant there was a flash, and it took him a second to quite what happened, then it arrived. It was overwhelming, like trying to fit the ocean in a single glass. Makkari fell to his knees clutching his chest. His eyes swelled with tears, unable to cope with what occurred. He looked around him, attempting to grip just what happened to him. After a brief survey of his surroundings, a laborious task that required focus and paced breathing, he realized why every infintesimal moment he wanted to laugh and cry, love, hate, celebrate and otherwise communicate the dramatic poignancy that filled him from within. The world as he knew it no longer was. All things important to man, anything that inspired, motivated or otherwise affected humankind was no longer present. The world he populated was an emotionless scrapyard, filled with vacant debris. Humanity no longer inhabited the Earth in the conventional sense. It now found a new home within Makkari. Makkari wished to be a part of something, now everything that matters, everything was a part of him.

Parker stood for what felt like an eternity. His palms gleaned from the sweat as his mind raced to fill the void of inter-relational noise. He didn't want to yell, but the place was unlike anything he'd ever experienced. Vehicles modified to resemble everything from teapots to mythological creatures. As a tentacled caravan rode by, complete with a shadowy figure and the word "Droogs" scrolled across it, Mali let out a squeal of excitement.

"Do you get it Parker?"

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