Sunday, November 16, 2008

49 Tales Later

Gordon awoke, finding himself completely alone in the small town in Utah. He sat up on the bench that he nodded off on, and looked around, seeing absolutely no one.

"The fuck..." he said to himself, and stood up and started to wander around, looking for any sign of life. As he searched for someone, he heard a the shuffling of footsteps, and then a loud crash, as if someone had knocked over pots and pans.

"This ain't fuckin' funny mate! Is that you Joe? parker?" Gordon asked, peering arouns the corner of the small greasy spoon that the group had stopped at. He slowly crept in, making sure not to make any sudden movements. as he slowly moved forward, he heard a slight growling.

"Ok, come the fuck out, I'm done fuckin' around!" Gordon said, as he slowly inched towards the kitchen. As he moved forward, he saw what looked like a pool of blood on the floor. He finally entered the kitchen, and looked on in horror at what he saw next.

One of the waitresses was eating the cook.

"WHAT THE FUCK??!!" Gordon screamed, as he took of running out of the diner. The waitress quickly sprung up from the cook and bolted after him with tremendous speed. Gordon ran fatster than he had in his entire life, trying to escape the possesed waitress. He turned around as he ran, and saw that there were now four other "people" chasing him along with the waitress. He pumped his legs as fast as he could, and dove into an abandoned car, and franticly searched for a set of keys. He jerked down the sun visor, and a set of keys dropped ito his lap. He quicky popped the ky into the ignitoon, and tried to start the car, but to no avail. "C'mon you piece of shit!" Start!" he screamed. he looked into the rear view mirror, and watched as one of the people lunegd onto the top of the car and started clawing at the roof. The other surrounded the car, as Gordon tried desperatly to start the car. When it finally started, he sped off, throwing the man who was on top of the car in front of him. As it stood up, he slammed into it, causing the person to explode into a combiniation of blood and entrails. "Jesus!" Gordon yelled, as he kept driving. He looked around at his surrondnings, and saw that everywhere he looked, people where being attacked by hoardes of seemingly enraged people, who would then start to devour their victim.

After about a half hour of searching for a safe haven, the car sputtered to a stop. Gordon had ran out of gas. He scoured the car for any kind of supplied he could find. The only useful item he came across was a gun under the passanger seat. He grabbed the large revolver and left the car behind, quickly moving towards a small house to his left, trying to avoid detection from any of the enraged people. He kicked the door in, and pointed the gun in front of him, ready to shoot the first moving object. As he searched the house, he heard crying from the upstairs. He slowly moved up the stairs, and entered a bedroom on his right, where he found Mali curled into a ball on the side of the bed, whimpering to herself.

"Oh Jesus Mali, what the fuck is going on?!" he asked.

"I don't know! First we were all just sitting in the diner, and then you were knocked out from behind, and all of these people started attacking us! They were fucking eating Parker! I watched them! They fucking ate him!" she cried hysterically.

"Ok, just calm down. We'll get out of this. We just need a phone, or a car, or something." he said, as he searched the room for a phone.

"We need to get the fuck out of this town Gordon!" Mali cired.

"You don't think I realize that! Those fuckin' things are everywhere love! We can't exactly make a great escape without a vehicle. Just cause I'm a Brit don't mean I'm James fuckin' Bond!" Gordon yelled. As he finished his sentence, a hand reaches from under the bed and grabs Mali's ankle. She screams as she is pulled under the bed.

"MALI!" Gordon screams, as a huge spalsh of blood hits the wall. Gordon backs up into a wall, and an arm crashes through it, clutching Gordon and pulling him into the next room. He breaks free and turns around, and sees that the person who has attacked him is Joe, who looks at him with blood red eyes, and has blood spilling from his mouth. He slowly inches towards Gordon, growling at him.

"Ok mate, just calm the fuck down. I know we ain't always seen eye to eye, but that ain't no reason to go and start eating people." Gordon says, trying to reason the person who used to be Joe. Joe lunges at him, and Gordon fires off a shot aimed at his head, forcing him to crash into a wall. Joe slides down the wall, dead.

"Well that was fuckin' close old boy." Gordon says to himself. As he turns around, he is quickyl attacked by Mali, who tackles him to the floor. The two struggle for a minute, before Mali takes a large chunk out of Gordons neck.

'JESUS FUCKIN' CHRIST!" Gordon screams, as he quickly sits up, and realizes that everyone in the diner is staring at him.

"Dude, chill out. It's just a chili dog." Casey says to him.

"You'll never believe the fuckin' dream I just had." Gordon says, as he starts to decribe the horrors that just went through his head.

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