Thursday, November 13, 2008

Of Heroes And Villains

"So you were that little boy?" Joe asked and Gordon shook his head.

"No mate, but at the same time yes. Anyone who knows and loves the story, who knows and loves Bill, is that little boy I think."

Joe nodded, his eyes distant and unmoving, "Can I see that?" he asked, motioning toward the die.

Gordon handed it to him and Joe rolled. A three.

"Shit," Joe spat, "that was not what I wanted."

"You can roll again," Mali told him but he sighed and shook his head.

"If I roll again what is the point of rolling at all? I just have to think of something I guess."

"Why not talk about your hero, Joe?" she asked, "Everyone enjoyed the last one."

My hero. Well, I mean I don't really know. Who would want to rant about a hero anyway? the only people who rant about heroes are fanboys, men who play with dolls, roll dice to kill dragons and talk about the women they can't have while they enjoy their mother's basements. They play games like D&D, smoke weed together just to feel like they fit in to a different culture and only did shrooms that one time to see if they could actually see themselves in the mines of Moria. Heroes are for people who need something more than themselves to cope with the world, Mali. People who can't look at themselves in a mirror and so they need someone to look up to. Someone who won't judge them for creaming ten dollar slacks when naked pictures of Wonder Woman hit the internet. They look up to people who've also creamed themselves and they talk about how much they like to pick at the stains. Why would I want to associate myself with them? Why would I want to talk about how the Green Lantern is a foolish prick or how cool and totally not gay that latest heroes tights are?

If there was anything I would want to associate myself with in anything of that genre it would be villains.


Because villains are the only real people in those comics, the only ones who are actually themselves. Think about it. If you were given power unknown and untamable, would you really spend all your time trying to please the public? Trying to fit in to a world that is jealous of you or would you use those gifts in order to do whatever you wanted? If you could teleport to anywhere you wanted wouldn't you at least think about teleporting somewhere you shouldn't be like the Pentagon? The Oval Office? What about Brad Pitt's bathroom while Angelina is out or into a museum to borrow some priceless art? How soon after you are discovered to have powers do the letters start coming in to help in prison breaks and blackops missions? How soon before you became tired of using those powers for the good of others and to the loss of yourself? Heroes are people who deny themselves in order to take up the mantle of others. They live these duplicitous lives of hero and person instead of just person. Villains, despite their tendancies, at least are themselves. They at the very least can come out and say "look, I've got this power, I see no reason that you should need of it, no reason for me to be your crutch and so I'm going out on my own to do what I want with what is mine." Who can fault anyone for living that free?

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