Sunday, November 2, 2008

Exit Music

The sun poured into the tent that Joe and Casey were sleeping in. Casey slowly woke, and set up, dazed and not quite sure where she was.

"The hell happened last night?" Casey asked. Joe slowly sat up as well, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"I'll tell ya some other time." he said, as he stood up, and walked outside. As he stepped out, he saw Jamie, leaning against a pole, cigarette in hand.

"You kids ready to head out?" he asked, taking a drag from his smoke.

"Isn't this thing supposed to go until the man falls down casey asks. As soon as she finishes asking, the three hear the cracking the wood in the tall man, then it finally collapses, brinigng about graosn of dissapointment from their fellow partiers.

"Well, I guess we can get going. We just gotta find the rest of the gang. As he finished his sentence, Gordon, Parker, and Mali walked up from their respective tents.

"Bit fuckin' early to be up, don't ya think?" Gordon asked.

"Jesus, you kids act like you've never taken hard drugs before." Jamie said with a grin. "I can take you guys where ever you need to be, but then I gotta head out. I'm sure I have some people pissed that I no showed that whole film festival bullshit." he said

"Anywhere's fine really. We got nowhere in paticular to be." Joe said.

"Alright then, anywhere it is." Jamie said, as they all walked towards the limo. The limo pulls off, and no one says a word to each toehr for several minutes.

"So I assume this is some awkward silence between you guys? Shit got a little too real and now we're not friends anymore?" Jamie asks.

"No, it's not that. I think we all just need a little break from hedonism for a minute." Parker says.

"I need a little break from being fuckin' awake mates, so don't mind me, I'm passin' the fuck out." Gordon announces, as leans his head against a window and passes out.

"Yeah, same here. Wake me up when we get to where ever it is we're going." Mali says, as she follows suit. Parker and Casey do the same, leaving Jamie and Joe the only ones left standing.

"So, tell Uncle Jamie what happened." Jamie says quietly.

"Nothing happened, it was just a weird stretch of time. Nothing to worry about." Joe answers, sounding slightly defensive.

"You're like a fuckin' 7-11, you know that?" Jamie asks.


"Yeah, you're never gonna fuckin' close! Look, it doesn't take a fuckin' genius to figure out what's goin' on here, Joseph."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Joe says angrily. Jamie lights a cigarette and leans forward.

"Look man, out of your merry band of miscreants here, you've got the best head on your shoulders out of the bunch. I like you man. I see what you're going through here, and I'm just sayin', fuckin' do something! Don't let her get away. If you don't make something happen, and don't finally take some fuckin' initiative, nothings ever gonna happen. You can't just sit and hope and pray that the lord almighty is gonna do the work for you, no matter what the evangalist here tells you. You gotta finally take that step that niether of you are willing to take, for whatever reason. Trust me, I've been there. If you don't act, then someone else will, then you're going to liove the rest of your life regretting it, and that's a hard load to swallow. Take a chance Joe. You might be surprised at what life can offer you."

"I might just do that Jamie." Joe says.

"Thank the fuck Christ. I'm gettin' some sleep. The driver knows where we're going." Jamie says, as he leans back, and drifts off. Joe rests his hands bhind his head, and ponders Jamies' advice, as he soon falls sleep as well.

A few hours later, the limo comes to a stop. The driver steps around and opens one of the back doors. Casey steps out first, and gazes at her surronidngs. The rest of the group slowly files out behind her.

"Huh. Intersting." Gordon says, looking around.

"Welcome to Utah kids." Jamie says.

"Hey man, thanks for everything." Joe says to Jamie, as the two shake hands.

"Not a problem. It was nice hanging with you kids. And Joe, remeber what I said."

"I will man."

"Remember what?" Casey asks.

"I'll explain later. Take it easy Jamie. Keep it up with the whole movie thing." Joe says.

"You keep watching 'em, I'll keep making them." Jamie says, as he steps back into the limo. It speeds off onto the highway as the group looks around.

"Well, now what?" Mali asks.

"I don't really know." Joe says. "But whatever it is at this point, I'm completely fine with it."

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