Monday, November 24, 2008


Parker, Mali, Gordon and his newfound friend exited the youth center much in the same way they ventured in: megrim, curiosity, and misguided affection. Joe and Casey were within eyesight, Joe marching ahead of her with vehement uncertainty. Casey kept a noticeable amount of distance behind, not once looking at her paramour.

“Joe, mate, this ere’s Kat. Met her inside at the bar. She wants to tag along. Do you mind?”

“Are you fucking serious?”

“What’s a matter mate?”

“What’s the matter, what the fuck is the matter? Shit’s falling apart “mate” and you go and bring someone else along because you want to fuck some American High Schooler? Go fuck yourself Gordon!”

“What climbed up yer arse, and what do ya mean high schooler?”

“You met her at a juice bar in a ymca. She has pins that say her high school’s name crossed out in red fucking marker. I’m sure she told you some woe is me story about deviancy, right? The fuck were you thinking, we’re going cross country and you want to aid a minor? Jesus Gordon, I thought for a second you might pass for intelligent but you go and prove me wrong. Thanks.”

Mali wanted to intervene but she wasn’t certain on word choice. It was obviously a poor choice on Gordon’s part but he was hardly deserving of a verbal tirade. She also noticed that he didn’t once look Gordon directly in the eye, as if he were yelling about a different matter entirely.

“Let me tell you a story Gordon . It’s about a dumb fucking kid with a dumb fucking dream. He wanted to be a great writer, a guy known across the world. He didn’t know how to touch his dream, how to touch his stars, but he knew there would be pain. There’s always pain. Suicidal thoughts, disease, misery, the afflictions of life, he knew those were a path.

He also knew he needed to see the world. He was ignorant. How ignorant was to be decided, but he wanted to know, what he didn’t. He wanted to see the devastation, as well as embrace the joy. What he received was much more than anticipated. He got an overdose of life. And now he doesn’t know what the fuck to do.”

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